Making Sense of the
Mystery of Christ

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Life is a mystery. How is it supposed to be solved? Life is an ocean. How is it supposed to be navigated?

And even though we may have been raised with a mental map of reality that seems to have worked thus far, we all owe it to ourselves to think about whether what we have taken for granted is really true.

Throughout history there have been some basic options presented to humans about how to navigate life options that offer a map of what kind of reality we live in and how we can steer through it. It would be nice if we all already agreed on these basic issues, but we don’t.

This book is an argument that the mystery of life is best understood through the mystery of Christ. The Pajama Philosopher focuses on making a cognitive case for Christianity by examining its philosophical, theological, and practical roots and ramifications. More importantly, it invites the reader to become truly self-aware about what you already believe, in order to then be able to scrutinize your stance toward reality. In a personal and non-academic style, this book explores some of the deepest intersecting issues of philosophy and religion. It compares cosmologies and then argues for a vision of history that aims for the transformation of all human life.